For the Love of Water; Day 27 & 28

Hello again, I realize it’s been a while since I last published anything. However, I have kept my notes and journal entries from my 40 days of floating experience, but seemed to have taken a long pause in sharing these via blogs.

I have had this specific blog for Day 27-28 prepared to publish for over two years now, sitting as a draft but for whatever reason I hesitated to share it. Since then, I’ve been working toward a dream of writing a book from my Peace Corps service as well as my floating and healing experiences which includes variations of these blogs as well as a collection of poems and articles that have also evolved since the 40 days of floating 3 years ago.

Thank you for your patience, this healing journey has brought up a lot and I’ve been processing deeper wounds and traumas I wasn’t expecting, yet I am forever grateful for the practice of floating to hold the space for these experiences that have been caught up inside to finally begin to unwind, surface and be set free… Continue reading For the Love of Water; Day 27 & 28

Thank you, Portland; Day 25 & 26

Monday, November 25th at 10:30pm and Tuesday, November 26th at Midnight in Tranquility.

I got out of the sensory deprivation tank early with a strong urge and desire to cry. I tried, but couldn’t. I invited the tears to come yet felt a resistance and was feeling extremely anxious and unable to find any sense of calmness. I decided to take a shower since I had gotten some salt water in my eye as it does sting a bit. I re-entered the float tank for round two into Tuesday and was amazed as the time flew by. I came out on Tuesday feeling rather relaxed and calm, and found it interesting that taking a shower break between float sessions turned things around entirely for me. Perhaps if it weren’t for the salt in my eyes, I would have remained anxious for the transition into day 26. Maybe the shower was sort of a macrocosm of those tears I was longing for…

Thank you, Portland.

I still experience flashbacks of my life in Colorado where I was attending University before I set off to Guatemala wondering if I’ll ever know that version of Alyssa again. The one who wasn’t afraid to Continue reading Thank you, Portland; Day 25 & 26

Grounding in Aftermath; Day 22 & 23

Day 22: Friday, November 22nd at 10am in Infinity and Saturday, November 23rd in Tranquility at 10am.

I floated at 10am this morning and it led me right into a yoga class where I was able to flow freely between postures. It was very relaxing and grounding in spite of the hectic world I feel I’ve been moving around in lately. Yet as I’m floating, I notice this balance of what’s almost like a vertical push-pull feeling. I feel weightless and light, yet simultaneously rooted and grounded as if I’m being taken over by both gravity and air.  It’s interesting to be more than half way through this 40 day floating experience. I seek this feeling of being highly grounded when I’m Continue reading Grounding in Aftermath; Day 22 & 23

Contraction Phase; days 20 & 21

Days 20 & 21: Wednesday, November 20th at 10:30pm floating into Thursday, November 21st in Tranquility.

Half. Way. Through.

As I entered my float this particular evening, I had a realization that this is the contraction phase of my 40 days of floating, perhaps comparable to the exhalation of a deep breath and the contracting of the heart beat. It’s already mind-blowing to believe I’ve been in a 20 day continual float, and will continue to float for another 20.

Interestingly enough, I have been noticing this contraction phase in other  Continue reading Contraction Phase; days 20 & 21

Sensory Overload; Day 19

Day 19: Tuesday, November 19th at 12:30pm in Tranquility.

This was my first noon hour float, and I found it was really nice to have a mid-day relax session. I enjoyed the refresh sesh, even after downing General Tso Chicken with fried rice in the car ride over. Interestingly enough, Chinese chicken is the only form of chicken I enjoy these days, not sure why. Overall, I think I prefer not to eat heavy before floating, but this day scheduling was not to my favor; however, it didn’t seem to affect my ability to relax during this particular floatation session one bit.

I’m noticing with the daily floating that I’ve felt less achy in my joints, as well as an increased softness in my skin, and still growing more interesting is my Continue reading Sensory Overload; Day 19

El Gancho; Days 17-18

Recap of Day 16: This particular Saturday evening it was nearly a full moon float that I found to be rather restoring. I noticed myself reaching a very unique stillness, yet with these subtle movements as I began sinking deeper into a state of relaxation that I have not experienced before. I felt so embodied and extremely relaxed that I forgot if I was in my bed or in the float tank. It has been a pretty incredible experience to explore how deep I can float, and how much I can soak. I think of soaking as replenishing and nourishing what I’ve been lacking, especially during those two years in Guatemala. I was sick weekly with gastrointestinal illnesses and consistent stomach pains leaving me feeling low energy physically, mentally and emotionally. I remember consistently having fleas and other bed bugs; it was not pleasant, yet it was a normal part of my life which I learned to accept. I feel the floating is healing my skin, nourishing my body inside and out as I’m feeling renewed with each float. Almost as if I were peeling off layers and allowing deeper toxins, memories and experiences to surface and release. 

Day 17: Sunday, November 17th. Full Moon Float in Infinity, 6 pm.

El Gancho. I had images and memories come up surrounding with chicken buses, transportation, pick up trucks, walking paths, dirt roads, and then a specific place, the gancho, which means hook or clip in Spanish. This Gancho was a wicked Continue reading El Gancho; Days 17-18

Varied Consistency, Highly Grounded; Days 15 & 16

Day 15: Saturday, November 15th at 10pm. Day 16: Sunday, November 16th at 6pm

I notice in myself, as do many I’m sure, that I’m enjoying routine of some sort. Whether it’s the morning routine of making coffee or tea, or enjoying the leisurely afternoon routine of resting and napping, or evening the nurturing routine of yoga, bathing and reading. I enjoy creating a new routine, as well as sticking with Continue reading Varied Consistency, Highly Grounded; Days 15 & 16

Village Life Reemergence; days 13 and 14

Day 13: Wonderful Wednesday. 4pm Float in Floatarium; Day 14: Thursday, November 14th at 10pm in Tranquility.

I had just gotten out of day 12 late night float, and beginning my 13th day leaving my previous float hoping to fall asleep shortly after. In my mind I was planning to float myself to sleep in a smooth transition right into my dreams for a restful night’s slumber, yet I got home and suddenly felt inspired and energized from my floating experiences, and began to think and write.

Not only am I enjoying the variety of asanas in the tank, I’m also exploring asanas outside in the world around me. I think I finally can truly appreciate life in a city, life in America with all it offers and  open with lots of opportunities. There was a lot I took for granted for while living here before. In Guatemala my social life consisted with hanging out the kids, drawing, painting, Yoga, music, exchanging new words and phrases in Spanish, Kiche and English. I greatly miss, adore and cherish my host brothers and sisters.

Occasionally I’d pass time with Continue reading Village Life Reemergence; days 13 and 14

Floatasana Journeying; day 12

Day 12: Tuesday, November 12th at 10:30pm in Tranquility.

Today was a semi-squirmy float, yet the more I was able to relax, I noticed it turned into my own slow, restoring vinyasa class. It wasn’t until after “class” that I entered into a magical, post-float relaxed state that lasted for several hours later. My body and mind felt smooth and calm; I imagine this flowing float experience evolved from Continue reading Floatasana Journeying; day 12